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two Test Knit

Noticeable Progress

Slow and steady it’s been on these Twisted Sister Socks:

The legs are complete. I knitted them according to the pattern because I felt my own guesstimate would end up too short in case I wanted to wear this pair with boots.

Aw, Poop!

On the other sides, which aren’t shown, I have started the slip stitch heel flaps. Wait a minute! It just hit me that my original intention was to knit contrast heel flaps and turns. Duh! Well, you know what? I’m not that far into this part of the socks. I can rip back six, short rows and restart.

As for Our Crew

June Birthday

Both daughters have been promoted. The youngest, whom I’ll now call Freshman, is 14 years old! She got to choose what our meal of the day was, KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – in three different flavors: half a Garlic Chicken, Crisp Fried with Honey Butter, and Crisp Fried. Her Abba also had ordered one and a half dozen, Shabby Sugar cupcakes, chocolate; it’s a bakery near his work.

Her sister had gotten dropped off at her teammate’s house for the end-of-the-year banquet while the three of us watched Raya and the Last Dragon. Have you seen it? It was good. I like the strong women and the martial arts, some of it was Filipino sword fighting I believe. Raya’s nemesis was highly annoying; by near the end my the husband was like, chop off her head!

Summer Activities

The Senior

The Senior is still trying to find a job. She was never contacted again by the Taiwanese Fruit Tea owner. My daughter did have another interview this past Sunday with a boba place at the mall. I don’t know if she got contacted today. If she was, then she would get to have a trial run at the place next week.

This child will also be taking an online Art History class via a community college. She’s been figuring out what GE requirements her AP’s would get rid of and figuring out what gaps she needs to fill in so she’d have less classes to take as a college freshman. Smart girl, huh?

The Senior has applied for social media manager positions with two organizations. She needs to knock out her 40 hours of community service. One organization deals with teaching financial skills, like how to save money, to kids. The other is a charity that started because of the pandemic; it reads books aloud to children via Zoom. Classmates of hers are part of these groups.

Can I tell how amazed I am by this child of mine? She is savvy about things. Did I ever tell you she is part of a group called Period Power? She and the other teenagers have done things like make motivational cards and package them up with cotton, reusable pads for those who cannot afford to buy menstrual products at the stores. The paper bag packages were handed over to the staff who pass out free lunches so the products were available to all.

The Freshman

And last, the youngest started a Park & Rec Volleyball Academy last Friday evening + she participated in her first Taekwondo class this afternoon:

  1. The volleyball class was rough for her because she’s new to those kinds of skills and was teary-eyed in frustration. The husband bought her a volleyball (me, I got her some shorts and knee pads) so they can practice on Sundays at the local elementary school.
  2. Taekwondo, my child wasn’t thrilled to attend today. I was worried she’d be bent out of shape because most likely she is the oldest in the group since she’s a beginner. I think the Freshman was more concerned about not knowing what to do. I told her it was okay since she’s totally new to it all. My daughter has a really good memory and she’s flexible.

This daughter will also take a volleyball workout class twice at week at her high school with two friends. The workouts will be run by the volleyball coaches. This will be good for her because she gets to hang out with friends finally and get more practice at the sport.

Alrighty, I’m off to get more ice water. The Bay Area has been warming up for a coming heat wave that’ll last at least a week; lucky us…NOT. Thanks for popping in. TTYS.

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  1. I am in love with the turtle thingies!

    Wow so much is going on! I love that your girls are able to resume normal life again, for the most part. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love all of the activities!

    And dang, we were just looking at trying a Korean Fried Chicken place near us, it serves kimchi fries. You mentioning it as well, I guess it is a sign we need to go for it. I know where we are going this weekend. LOL.


  2. Oh I would enjoy reading to kids as part of my community service. Nice! There were some students who helped at the therapeutic barn as part of community service. As long as it is something they love . I thnkthat is very important.
    In 8th grade I volunteered before high school, feeding kids who were severely handicapped at our local GLenkirk. It was very depressing, but I forced myself to do it. Odd that I became a NICU nurse. I’d advise , if asked, to work for an animal shelter or something that means a lot to you. Otherwise its drudgery .

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  3. Your girls are just amazing, great parenting I do believe! The socks will look cute with the contrasting heel, although the colour is already great.


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