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Nom One

Help! I’m Melting, I’m Melting!

Good evening. How have you been? Have you been melting like us here in the Bay Area. Yesterday was extremely hot for where we live; it almost hit triple digits but had decided 99° was high enough. I had to take the Freshman to taekwondo and sit in the SUV with the AC on for a half an hour. You can imagine how thrilled I was.

It hit 95° today. The husband has been generous and lets the AC come on when the house temperature goes above 77°. He made the Costco run today and had already complained about the heat when it was only 10 in the morning.


I want to thank you for your cheerleading cheer for my dames. You have always been so sweet and supportive of them. The Senior unfortunately didn’t hear back from the boba place; she did receive two, anonymous calls while being under the weather a few days ago, but no messages were left. The 16 yo is better and finally eating a normal and full meal.

All the Nom, Nom, Nom

Well, I have realized that I haven’t posted any of the savory recipes that have been tried out here lately as it’s been all about sweets. I thought I’d remedy that since a few people have asked about the recipes on IG or on FB time to time.


Instant Pot Indian Beef Curry

I had some beef stew meat in the freezer that I had wanted to use up. I found One Pot Recipes’ Instant Pot Indian Beef Curry. I have ignorantly always thought that Indian curry is made from curry powder and coconut milk; boy, was I so wrong. Abeer’s formula for her homemade curry sauce is out of this world.

It is delicious and I can imagine it can be used for other cuts and other types of meat. Your house will smell so good as well. Every time I walked through the front door my mouth would water.

What I also love about her recipe is that the instant pot tenderizes the beef stew meat. It does all the work for you. Our crew ate our curry with white rice and naan bread.


Leg of Lamb

I had a craving for lamb again. This time, instead of the little rack chops, I wanted the bigger cut of meat that our family could have leftovers for at least two days.

I used So Damn Delish’s Perfect Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb. You see all the fun prep that had to be done first. Then next to it the results.

The four of us loved this dish. Not only did it last us three meals, but the lamb steamed well as leftovers and kept moist and tender.

Next time I would like to be more daring and open up that netting so I could season the meat inside before tying it back up. I’d also like to make a sauce to drizzle over the slices at each meal.


Instant Pot Classic Pot Roast

One, Costco trip E picked up a 3.95 lb chuck roast. I found the recipe by Certified Angus Beef for Instant Pot Classic Pot Roast.

Are you drooling? Tender AF.

What I Did Differently

  1. I cut the onion into thick slices.
  2. I threw in some baby carrots and white mushrooms on top of the meat before starting the pressure.
  3. When the meat was done, I took out the meat and scooped out the veggies so I could puree the aromatics with the broth and juices.
  4. I added in some cornstarch mixed with water to thicken up the sauce.

Sadly, this pot roast only lasted us two meals. My husband kept saying he dreamt about it, LOL.


Last Friday, the teen got up early at 8:30 am and started cooking her dish for her tennis team banquet which was that afternoon. She had chosen to make Korean Bapsang’s recipe, Kimbap.

Now while one may think this is an easy entree to make, it actually involves a lot of prep and work. There are at least eight ingredients in which seven have to be prepped in some way either through slicing, marinade, washing, etc. Then they all had to be rolled up after the cooked rice was spread onto the pieces of gim.

You have no idea how good our house smelled. Her dad and I were salivating and were so tempted to break our fasts earlier because we wanted to taste test a piece. Her younger sister got to try a few and gave it a thumbs up.

I helped the teenager make more rice since she had run out. This photo only shows one-third of what was brought to the party. The rest of us were lucky to have many broken pieces to accompany our OMAD that afternoon.

The one thing about gimbap is that it should be eaten in a day because the rice is soft and fresh. It took us another two days to finish it all off. Yep, we ate it all even though the rice was hard. E and I were proud of the Senior for tackling this dish.

Korean Pork Barbecue

Meet the latest, winning recipe: Korean Pork Barbecue by Ask Chef Dennis.

I chose his recipe because it’s specific for pork tenderloins. We had an extra pack in the freezer.

This cut of meat is my favorite for pork because it can come out so tender. Cook it wrong and it can come out dry. Not with this recipe!

The marinade made the tenderloins super moist and tender. The Gochujang barbecue sauce you make from scratch and baste the meat with is yummy. I used a heaping tablespoon of Gochujang in it. This recipe is a must try if you like this cut of meat.

That’s it folks. I’m off to drink more ice water. We have had to switch back to the Brita pitcher. Our old sink faucet in the kitchen wouldn’t put out water if the spray hose was being used which didn’t work well as it would start vibrating and barely spurt out water. At one point, there was no water, period. The husband bought a new one at Home Depot and the plumber installed it after replacing the water valves which he said were crusted and really old. The PUR filter doesn’t fit the new faucet which is fine for me. I like how the Brita gives refrigerated, cold water instantly.

Thanks for popping in. TTYS.

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    1. Oh boy, 118. That is loco. Up near our state capital it was 109 as posted by my fraternity brother. We get all the hot weather and the easy coast tropical storms and snow.


  1. We are in the 90s here but what kills me is the humidity. We keep our air on pretty cold so that cuts the impact of it. So sorry about the boba place. Fingers crossed for her job search. That can be stressful. The beef curry looks fantastic! Somehow I’ve yet to get an instant pot but I keep getting tempted. You asked about the lemon bars I mentioned on my blog and I LOVED them. They weren’t quite as tart as some other lemon bars I’ve made but I enjoyed the tart/sweet level. I would leave off the candied lemon zest though next time – it was just too much.

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  2. I’m a bit jealous of your summer heat as it’s winter here, and a very cold start to the day this morning, haha! 🙂 Your food looks delicious, especially the lamb! 🙂

    Hope that your week is off to a good start 🙂


  3. Glad to hear your girls are feeling better. Our temps are in the early 90’s and we are dying over here.. we are not used to such heat until late July/early August..
    All your food looks delish..


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