About Me

Greetings. I’m Stefanie, the maker behind this blog. I was born and bred in San Francisco. I’m Chinese-American, in-between, third and fourth generation. I grew up Americanized so unfortunately, I don’t speak our family’s dialect nor have the ear.

I have only known SF most of my life, staying home to go to a local college and even didn’t learn how to drive until my late 20’s. After having to commute across the city and deal with its traffic every morning for eight years, when our oldest was finished with fifth grade, I was finally ready to leave it behind. With my husband and our two daughters, we now live in the suburbs of the East Bay in the Bay Area, CA.

I have a big, sweet tooth and love to bake. You’ll find many a tried, Pinterest recipe here.

I am also a maker and love to create in our dining area/room (what one does when you’re waiting for a daughter to go off to college so you can have a craft room):

  • cross stitch
  • knitting
  • sewing.

In addition, I love to read. My mama instilled the love of reading ever since I had my first library card. The librarian used to exclaim about how I would check out the maximum number of books every two weeks. My husband now and then calls me a “book nerd”. I usually try to change genres whenever I finish a book. I don’t like preplanned reading either. I like to pick by what I’m in the mood for after finishing a book. Fantasy and cozy mysteries are usual favorites. The local library is my source of books; the Kindle format is preferred.

I am honored whenever I have visitors here and am delighted when a reader decides my blog is worthy for his/her reading list. I read every comment and respond back to you here through WordPress.

I don’t mind if you share one of my posts to another platform through one of the share buttons. Please ask first if you’re going to use a photo of mine on your website and please give me a nod of credit when you are inspired to try something similar from a design I have created. Thank you and have great day.

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