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Episode 2: A Chatty Episode

Note, 11/18, 5:26 pm: Oopsies! In my excitement I forgot to take photos of my WIP's. I will add them tomorrow; sorry! Holiday Prep Christmas Thanksgiving Which Platforms Approved Anchor Spotify Pocket Casts Breaker RadioPublic  Google Podcasts Apple Podcasts Overcast Knitting Patterns Purlbreak by Stephen West My Boy Lollipop by Nancy Ricci a sock WIP… Continue reading Episode 2: A Chatty Episode

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Episode 1: The Who, The Why, The How

Introducing...OMGosh, I am excited (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) and nervous (*/∇\*) at the same time to finally launch the first episode of my new, audio podcast!I created this cover art on Stencil after learning about it through this article. This palm tree is the same one from my blog header, just a different view.The PlanI'm going to upload… Continue reading Episode 1: The Who, The Why, The How